Advertising Specialties

A traditional method of reminding customers and potential customers of your services is by putting your branding and contact information on a useful or unique product. By doing this, you have created what is known as an advertising specialty. We have had proven success over the years with such standards as calendars, notepads, ball-point pens and key tags. We can supply these items in quality versions and with the newest innovations. However, our customer’s often ask us for clever ways to present their message and stay in the customer or potential customer’s mind. Or clients seek ways to stand out at large events where others are handing out ad specialties, too.

Products can be something used every day or reflect a service. A mold company handed out hand sanitizer spray when doing bids and at their convention booth.  They gave out small room air-filters to customers with completed jobs. Using ad speciaties as a reward, you show your customers your appreciation.

Ramsey & Associates Design knows the fine points of advertising through specialties. We have over 25 years expertise in helping businesses maximize the advantages of promotional items. At grand openings, trade shows, conferences, and for ad campaigns or other promotional marketing endeavors — Give us a chance to further your reach with your perfect advertising specialty fit.

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